Current political issues

  • Issues related to refugees at the borders of Africa.
  • The current political situation in the Arabic countries of North Africa.
  • Economic problems in Spain as well as countries of North Africa.

Cultural, scientific and historical subjects of interest


  • Current political situation of Arab states in North Africa
  • Arabic and Spanish language – linguistic impact
  • Andalusian's literature/ Arabic literature
  • Moorish architecture in Andalusia (Cordoba, Granada, Sevilla)
  • The cultural prime and religious tolerance of Al-Andaluz
  • Morocco as closst Arab country: Spanish-moroccan festivals
  • Catholic veneration of saints with pagan rites
  • Jews under the Ummayades – Developement of the Kabbalah
  • Cordoba as the Islamic capital of three caliphates in Spain
  • Andalusia today (Economics, Politics, Society etc.)
  • Festivals in Conil and surrounding (Chiclana, Cadiz, Tarifa, Jerez, Sevilla)
  • cultural impact from Latin America and Colonialism
  • Corrida : A relict of the Mithrascult in Spain?
  • The Strait of Gibraltar as a historical trading route
  • Almadraba, the traditional tuna-fishing
  • Flamenco as the Blues of Europe
  • Costa de la Luz – the coast of light, painting/ photography at the Atlantic
  • Contact between France and North Africa