Special advancement



  •  Literature by women


In many countries the majority of women are  raised traditionally, with little formal education, and often based on strict religious teachings with little liberal values. This way of thinking is passed on to the next generations.
Educated, open-minded women as a mayor influence of the pedagogic process can pass on their democratic values, educating others and helping to estaplish a liberal dialogue. Therefore we especially want to support female writers,  – authors, translaters, and  journalists.


  •  Interdisciplinary teamwork


Our focus is the advancement of literature. However we are open for all forms of art. We endeavour to overcome the seperation of arts and initiate dialogue as well as  creative cooperation between the various disciplines of art and culture.  
Among others, collaborative theatre plays, relevant festivals, music-and-literature performances and  readings in conjunction with music as well as  dance and theatre will be made possible.


  • Comics

In former times, comics were considered „trivial“. That changed enormously. Now comics and graphic novels are established as an international art-genre. Today there are many  excellent graphic designers who  additionally are excellent writers.
We consider comics  to be a very efficient medium of communication that is easily accessible and can cause great affects and therefore also demands a certain responsibility. Consequently comics are an excellent mode of achieving intercultural dialogue