ALONDRA INSTITUTE - Place of Multicultural Encounter



The ALONDRA INSTITUTE promotes a multi-cultural coming together of artists and those who create literature and art in Europe and North Africa.



There will be two residences – along with working scholarships –  available for writers, translators and graphic artists. For three up to six months, two scholars will live and work together in the Villa Alondra in Conil de la Frontera on the Atlantic coast of southern Spain. During this  residence each scholar will receive a monthly allowance. Moreover the travel costs (there and back) as well as a four month Spanish language course will be paid for by the association.

In addition, the association will organize public appearances such as  reading trips, lectures etc. Additionally cooperation with local artists, writers and musicians will be possible.

Through its work and the offered scholarships, the Alondra Institute seeks to bring about an understanding between the different cultures of Europe and North Africa.

Via verbal and artistic dialogue of those who enrich cultures  in various countries, values can be exchanged and compared, misunderstandings and stereotypes overcome and new modes of thought offered.

Thus, a greater respect for other cultures can be encouraged, conflicts hindered, and the fundament of a stable system of international relations strengthened.


The ALONDRA INSTITUTE is a Non-Profit-Organisation. Beside multicultural dialogue, its further  aims are equal advancement of migrant artists as well as increasing awareness for gender issues.