ALONDRA INSTITUTE - Place of Multicultural Encounter

“It takes more than dialogue – getting involved makes the difference

(Anna Lindh, 1957 - 2003 )


Place of Multicultural Encounter

Förderverein Alondra Institute e.V. (Association for the Support of Cultural Understanding and Dialogue)


Many people that live in Europe today are migrants or refugees from North African and Middle Eastern countries. Scenes of violence in the name of Islam, however, fuel prejudices, fear and hatred in our society. To counter such developments, literature and art are powerful means to convey aspects of different cultures and backgrounds and thus foster mutual understanding.
Villa Alondra, literary residence of Alondra Institute in Conil de la Frontera on the Atlantic coast of southern Spain, was set up as a location for multicultural encounter.
Here, scholars from North African and Middle Eastern countries have the opportunity to work on their own or together, exchange ideas and discuss cultural topics.
Villa Alondra can give them creative inspiration not only from contemporary Spanish culture but also the historical Al Andaluz where Christians, Jews and Muslims lived peacefully together under Moorish rule for 700 years.


Förderverein Alondra Institute e.V. was set up as a non-profit association to invite private persons and organisations to support the cultural projects of Alondra Institute. It is registered in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, which is also the centre of its activities.
The Förderverein Alondra Institute organizes public appearances, such as discussions, lectures at schools and reading trips, mainly in the Rhine-Main area.
To support the understanding for and between different cultures, we aim at promoting authors from North African and Middle Eastern countries by presenting the German translations of their novels to the public. In this context, priority is given to discussions at schools, which are the best place to efficiently prevent and dispel cultural clichés and prejudices among young people.


Alondra Institute is a international non-profit association for the support of under-standing and dialogue between cultures in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


Asociación ALONDRA INSTITUTE C.I.F. (672215338)
Domicile in Spain: Villa Alondra, 11140 Conil de la Frontera, Calle Sevilla, Spain

Förderverein ALONDRA INSTITUTE e.V. (VR 15242) 
Office in Germany: c/o Doris Lerche, Uhlandstr. 21, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

Chairman and Founder: Doris Lerche, writer, cartoonist/illustrator.
Tel: +49 (0)69 4950856, email:
Vice-Chairman: Claudia Gehricke, translator.

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Treasurer: Peter Ripken, literary agent.

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