Call of Proposal - Conditions of Partcipation



The ALONDRA INSTITUTE advances above all


  • Writers and translators from Europe and North Africa


Special advancement is also sporadically possible for

  • Photographers, (Cultural) Scientists, Graphic Artists, Journalists etc., from other continents as well


  • Free residence is for a minimum of one and up to a maximum of 6 months

  • A scholar spendingmoney of 1.500 Euro per month

  • A free Spanish language course

  • Two way travel costs

All further costs will be beared by the scholars.

Conditions of Participation

  • At least two publications of books, artwork or comparable supporting documents

  • Fluency in English

Our Expectations

  • Participation in a Spanish language course

  • Participation in Reading Trips of the ALONDRA INSTITUTE (based on agreement)

  • Cooperation with regional and over-regional media (interviews etc.)

  • Composition of a memorandum, a statement, a shortstory or a report

Content: Explaining of impressions during the stay
The text will be put on the ALONDRA INSTITUTE homepage as a blog, but it remains  property of the writer. ALONDRA INSTITUTE is allowed to reuse the text in later publications. For Graphic Artists, Photographers etc. other forms of expression are also possible.

Application Procedure

  • The application is to be submitted at the ALONDRA INSTITUTE in digital form

  • The final selection will be carried out by the ALONDRA INSTITUTE


  • Curriculum vitae (including occupational and artistic developement, and other scholarships)

  • Short Statement (1/2 pages), explaining the reason for a the stay at the Villa Alondra in Conil/ Andalusia

  1. The applicant´s expectations with respect to the scholarship and the stay in the Villa Alondra
  2. The individual project during the stay
    - current work samplings (up to 5 pages)
  3. general information about personal conditions during the stay (Family, visitors, etc.)
  4. Bank account

Scholarspending money

The outpayment of the amount of 1.500 Euros occurs regularly at the 1st of evey month in cash via a person of trust in Conil. All futher financial means will be transfered to the given bank account.


Conditions for fulfillment of payment

The scholar is to be present during the whole time of the scholarship. It is possible to make special agreements about shortabsences. Should the scholar for some reason be absent for more than 7 days, the Alondra Institute reserves to ask for a return of funds paid.

Please send your application documents to:
If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail.